Monday, November 12, 2012

Contact Information for the Biotech and Food Companies opposing Labeling of GMOs

I have compiled the contact information for the major biotech companies, organizations, and food companies that launched the $45 million campaign to defeat mandatory labeling of genetically engineered organisms in food.

I urge you to write a brief letter and send it to each of these companies. You can copy and paste the same text if you like. It should take less than an hour to run through this list!
Here are some pointers for writing an effective letter:

1. Be polite (they are less likely to think you are a fanatic and more receptive to your message). It is ESPECIALLY important to be polite when writing messages on different companies' Facebook Pages. Faithful customers will be reading your comments and will not be receptive to insults and polarizing language. If your message is furious and violent, the company may also alert Facebook that you are spamming their page and Facebook may revoke your posting rights. Be nice.

2. Let them know how disappointed you are that they do not support our right to know what is in our food (i.e. Proposition 37).

3. Explain that although you love their products (if you do), you will not be purchasing them anymore.

4. Explain that you will also be talking to your investor/bank because you do not want any of your investments supporting the company.

5. Explain that you will be communicating your reasons for boycotting the company to all of your friends.

6. Ask them to change their policy and support the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered organisms, and that you will reconsider your boycott if they make such changes.

Send this page as a link to everyone who you think might be concerned about GMOs!

NOTE: Alliance for Natural Health has just produced this great page where we can send a letter to all of the companies at once! It is very important to sign on to this and spread it widely. But form letters are really NOT substitutes for individual letters. Do both!

Organic Consumer's Association now has a webpage with the call lines of these companies too, if you'd rather give them a ring!

Biotech Company Contacts:

Dow Chemical
Council of Biotechnology Information
Biotechnology Industry Organization

Food Company Contacts:

Pepsi's Facebook Page

Grocery Manufacturers Association

Kraft Foods
Kraft Foods Facebook Page

Coke's Facebook Page

Nestle USA
Nestle's Facebook Page

Conagra Foods
ConAgra's Facebook Page

General Mills
General Mills' Facebook Page

Kellogg Company
Frosted Flakes Facebook Page

Smithfield Foods
Smithfield Foods Facebook Page

Del Monte Foods
Del Monte Facebook Page

Campbell's Soup
Campbell's Soup Facebook Page

Heinz Foods
Heinz Facebook Page

Hershey Company
Hershey's Facebook Page

The J.M. Smucker Company
Smucker's Facebook Page

Bimbo Bakeries

Ocean Spray Cranberries
Ocean Spray Facebook Page

Mars Food North America
Mars Facebook Page

Hormel Foods

Unilever Facebook Page

Bumble Bee Foods
Bumble Bee Foods Facebook Page

Pinnacle Foods

Dean Foods Company

Bunge North America

McCormick & Company
McCormick Facebook Page

Wrigley Jr. Company
Wrigley's Extra Facebook Page

Abbott Nutrition

Cargill, Inc
Cargill Facebook Page

Rich Products Corporation
Flowers Foods
Dole Packaged Foods
Knouse Foods Cooperative

OK. So those are the bad guys. Now we don't want to just be negative activists and criticism should only ever be a portion of our important work. We must also take time to thank, congratulate, and admire those striving to move humanity towards a sustainable future. There are companies and organizations who have contributed lots of money to support labeling of GMOs. They need to know how much we appreciate them!

Contact these proactive companies too!

Major Companies supporting labeling of GMOs:

Nature's Path
Dr. Bronner's
Lundberg Farms
Amy's Kitchen
Clif Bar
Organic Valley
Eden Foods

There were many more companies that just these supporting our efforts, and many organizations and citizen groups as well! They all deserve our recognition and support. For a full list of labeling endorsers, visit this link!

New: Organic Consumer's Association now has a form letter to thank all of the supporters. You can reach it here.

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  1. Thank you for these lists. I was very disappointed when I first read a petition about Kellogg's not using GMO's in French products but in American products because there aren't labelling rules here. That was my intro to Prop 37 and GMO's. Looking forward to receiving more info from you and other sources.

  2. Thanks for your comment Felicity. If you "like" my page on Facebook (see the option to do that in the right margin above), you can be notified when I update the page. I'm excited about how excited everyone is getting around this issue! I've been working on it for a decade now but the momentum now is wonderfully inspiring. Thank you for being a part of it!

  3. I guess adding GMO tags will improve the selling of products more so many food company use this tactics...

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  4. I agree with health master very crucial point.

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  5. Hi Health Master. Thank you for you reply. Do you mean adding non-GMO tags? If so, there is already an organization certifying for this and labeling in America (Non GMO Project). Sales of non-GMO products is going up very quickly in the past few months.

  6. There were many more companies that just these supporting our efforts, and many organizations and citizen groups as well! They all deserve our recognition and support. For a full list of labeling endorsers, visit this link!

    Glyn Willmoth

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